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Shuji Kijima.

Associate Professor
Theoretical Computer Science Group, Department of Informatics,
Graduate School of ISEE, Kyushu University, Japan

cv / publications / presentations / materials

class: Probability and Statistics (Graduate School of ISEE, 2020 SUMMER)

slide: Approximating volume ---randomized vs. deterministic (pdf,2.3MB) at 10th JHSDM, 2017
(see also youtube anime produced by JST ERATO Minato Discrete Structure Manipulation System Project)

Research interests:   Random Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Math

  1. Randomized Algorithms
  2. Analysis of algorithms on dynamic environments
  3. Discrete Mathematics
  4. Analysis of algorithms for real world issues

Key words
coupling from the past (CFTP) / Propp machine / rotor-router model reverse search / graph classes / graph sndwitch / parity Hamilton cycle / median stable matching / popular matching / submodular function / Laman graph / frequent item set / population protocol


JST PRESTO "Mathematical Model" / HJ 2015 / WAAC 2010

Shuji Kijima
Dept. Info, ISEE, Kyushu University
744, Motooka, Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan
E-mail: kijima@inf.kyushu-u.ac.jp