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Accepted Paper List

Approximate Maximum Halfspace Discrepancy
Michael Matheny and Jeff Phillips

Grid Recognition: Classical and Parameterized Computational Perspectives
Siddharth Gupta, Guy Saar and Meirav Zehavi

Algorithms and Complexity on Indexing Elastic Founder Graphs
Massimo Equi, Tuukka Norri, Jarno Alanko, Bastien Cazaux, Alexandru I. Tomescu and Veli Mäkinen

Identity testing under label mismatch
Clément Canonne and Karl Wimmer

$\Gamma$-graphic delta-matroids and its applications
Donggyu Kim, Duksang Lee and Sang-il Oum

Efficiently Partitioning the Edges of a 1-Planar Graph into a Planar Graph and a Forest
Sam Barr and Therese Biedl

Dynamic Boolean Formula Evaluation
Rathish Das, Andrea Lincoln, Jayson Lynch and Ian Munro

Multimodal Transportation with Ridesharing of Personal Vehicles
Qian-Ping Gu and Jiajian Liang

Cryptographic Hardness under Projections for Time-Bounded Kolmogorov Complexity
Eric Allender, John Gouwar, Shuichi Hirahara and Caleb Robelle

Nearly-Tight Lower Bounds for Set Cover and Network Design with Deadlines/Delay
Noam Touitou

Illuminating the $x$-axis by $\alpha$-floodlights
Bengt J. Nilsson, David Orden, Leonidas Palios, Carlos Seara and Paweł Żyliński

Simple Envy-free and Truthful Mechanisms for Cake Cutting with a Small Number of Cuts
Takao Asano

Repetition- and linearity-aware rank/select dictionaries
Paolo Ferragina, Giovanni Manzini and Giorgio Vinciguerra

The VC-Dimension of Limited Visibility Terrains
Matt Gibson-Lopez and Zhongxiu Yang

Interval Query Problem on Cube-free Median Graphs
Soh Kumabe

Maximum-Weight Matching in Sliding Windows and Beyond
Leyla Biabani, Mark de Berg and Morteza Monemizadeh

A Faster Algorithm for Maximum Flow in Directed Planar Graphs with Vertex Capacities
Julia Enoch, Kyle Fox, Dor Mesica and Shay Mozes

Exact and Approximation Algorithms for Many-To-Many Point Matching in the Plane
Sayan Bandyapadhyay, Anil Maheshwari and Michiel Smid

Pattern Masking for Dictionary Matching
Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, Huiping Chen, Peter Christen, Grigorios Loukides, Nadia Pisanti, Solon Pissis and Jakub Radoszweski

Distributed approximations of $f$-matchings and $b$-matchings in graphs of sub-logarithmic expansion
Andrzej Czygrinow, Marcin Witkowski and Michal Hanckowiak

Space-Efficient Algorithms for Reachability in Directed Geometric Graphs
Sujoy Bhore and Rahul Jain

Separated Red Blue Center Clustering
Marzieh Eskandari, Bhavika Khare and Nirman Kumar

Partitioning H -Free Graphs of Bounded Diameter
Christoph Brause, Petr Golovach, Barnaby Martin, Daniel Paulusma and Siani Smith

Self-Improving Voronoi Construction for a Hidden Mixture of Product Distributions
Siu-Wing Cheng and Man Ting Wong

Shortest Beer Path Queries in Outerplanar Graphs
Joyce Bacic, Saeed Mehrabi and Michiel Smid

Skeletons and Minimum Energy Scheduling
Antonios Antoniadis, Gunjan Kumar and Nikhil Kumar

Clustering with Neighborhoods
Hongyao Huang, Georgiy Klimenko and Benjamin Raichel

Clique-Based Separators for Geometric Intersection Graphs
Mark de Berg, Morteza Monemizadeh, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak and Leonidas Theocharous

Algorithms for normalized multiple sequence alignments
Eloi Araujo, Luiz Rozante, Diego P Rubert and Fabio V Martinez

An Approximation Algorithm for Maximum Stable Matching with Ties and Constraints
Yu Yokoi

Quantum Advantage with Shallow Circuits under Arbitrary Corruption
Atsuya Hasegawa and Francois Le Gall

Impatient PPSZ - a Faster algorithm for CSP
Shibo Li and Dominik Scheder

Subquadratic Algorithms for Some 3SUM-Hard Geometric Problems in the Algebraic Decision Tree Model
Boris Aronov, Mark de Berg, Jean Cardinal, Esther Ezra, John Iacono and Micha Sharir

The complexity of sharing a pizza
Patrick Schnider

Enclosing Depth and other Depth Measures
Patrick Schnider

Augmenting Graphs to Minimize the Radius
Joachim Gudmundsson, Yuan Sha and Fan Yao

Tight Competitive Analyses of Online Car-sharing Problems
Ya-Chun Liang, Kuan-Yun Lai, Ho-Lin Chen and Kazuo Iwama

Connected Coordinated Motion Planning with Bounded Stretch
Sándor Fekete, Phillip Keldenich, Ramin Kosfeld, Christian Rieck and Christian Scheffer

Making Three Out of Two: Three-Way Online Correlated Selection
Yongho Shin and Hyung-Chan An

Dynamic Data Structures for $k$-Nearest Neighbor Queries
Sarita de Berg and Frank Staals

Preference-based Trajectory Clustering – An Application of Geometric Hitting Sets
Florian Barth, Stefan Funke and Claudius Proissl

Truly Subquadratic Exact Distance Oracles with Constant Query Time for Planar Graphs
Viktor Fredslund-Hansen, Christian Wulff-Nilsen and Shay Mozes

Near-Optimal Distance Oracles for Vertex-Labeled Planar Graphs
Viktor Fredslund-Hansen, Jacob Evald and Christian Wulff-Nilsen

Selected Neighbor Degree Forest Realization
Amotz Bar-Noy, David Peleg, Dror Rawitz and Elad Yehezkel

The Impact of Geometry on Monochrome Regions in the Flip Schelling Process
Thomas Bläsius, Tobias Friedrich, Martin S. Krejca and Louise Molitor

Streaming Algorithms for Graph $k$-Matching with Optimal or Near-Optimal Update Time
Jianer Chen, Qin Huang, Iyad Kanj, Qian Li and Ge Xia

Piecewise-Linear Farthest-Site Voronoi Diagrams
Franz Aurenhammer, Evanthia Papadopoulou and Martin Suderland

Filling Crosswords is Very Hard
Laurent Gourvès, Ararat Harutyunyan, Michael Lampis and Nikolaos Melissinos

MAX CUT in Weighted Random Intersection Graphs and Discrepancy of Sparse Random Set Systems
Sotiris Nikoletseas, Christoforos Raptopoulos and Paul Spirakis

Essentially Tight Kernels for (Weakly) Closed Graphs
Tomohiro Koana, Christian Komusiewicz and Frank Sommer

Unique-Neighbor-Like Expansion and Group-Independent Cosystolic Expansion
David Mass and Tali Kaufman

A Characterization of Individualization-Refinement Trees
Markus Anders, Jendrik Brachter and Pascal Schweitzer

Group Evacuation on a Line by Agents with Different Communication Abilities
Jurek Czyzowicz, Ryan Killick, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc, Lata Narayanan, Jaroslav Opatrny, Denis Pankratov and Sunil Shende

Linear-Time Approximation Scheme for $k$-Means Clustering of Axis-Parallel Affine Subspaces
Kyungjin Cho and Eunjin Oh

Feedback Vertex Set on Geometric Intersection Graphs
Shinwoo An and Eunjin Oh

Approximating longest spanning tree with neighborhoods
Ahmad Biniaz

Machine Covering in the Random-Order Model
Susanne Albers, Waldo Gálvez and Maximilian Janke

On the kernel and related problems in interval digraphs
Mathew Francis, Pavol Hell and Dalu Jacob

An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Matching Augmentation Problem
Joe Cheriyan, Robert Cummings, Jack Dippel and Jasper Zhu

Fine-grained Meta-Theorems for Vertex Integrity
Michael Lampis and Valia Mitsou

Anonymity-Preserving Space Partitions
Ursula Hebert-Johnson, Chinmay Sonar, Subhash Suri and Vaishali Surianarayanan

Probabilistic Analysis of Euclidean Capacitated Vehicle Routing
Claire Mathieu and Hang Zhou

Resilient level ancestor, bottleneck, and lowest common ancestor queries in dynamic trees
Luciano Gualà, Stefano Leucci and Isabella Ziccardi

On the Extended TSP Problem
Julian Mestre, Sergey Pupyrev and Seeun William Umboh

Lower Bounds for Induced Cycle Detection in Distributed Computing
Francois Le Gall and Masayuki Miyamoto

Computing Shapley Values for Mean Width in 3-D
Shuhao Tan

Adaptive Regularized Submodular Maximization
Shaojie Tang and Jing Yuan

Effective resistance and capacitance in simplicial complexes and a quantum algorithm
William Maxwell and Mitchell Black

Inverse Suffix Array Queries for 2-Dimensional Pattern Matching in Near-Compact Space
Dhrumil Patel and Rahul Shah

On the geometric priority set cover problem
Saurabh Ray, Rajiv Raman and Aritra Banik

Untangling Circular Drawings: Algorithms and Complexity
Sujoy Bhore, Guangping Li, Martin Nöllenburg, Ignaz Rutter and Hsiang-Yun Wu

Interval edge coloring of bipartite graphs with small vertex degrees
Michał Małafiejski, Anna Małafiejska, Krzysztof Ocetkiewicz and Krzysztof Pastuszak